September 17, 2016

I compiled an image selection from two trips to India. First in 1981 and second in 2014. Time flies!
There are a few images from the first trip that had been scanned since those pictures were done on Kodachrome film. They were part of a large photo exhibition that took place at Beit Eddine, Lebanon in 1998 under the title: Carnet d’Asie. It won me the first prize for travel photography by An Nahar News and “Le Mois de la Photo”.
I always wanted to go back to India but was always pulled to more glittering destinations,  until one day, my elder son asked me to travel alone with him to visit India. Having crossed all India on my first trip, I knew I had to focus on one specific area for a two weeks trip. I started planning for three months in advance and decided to visit the Rajasthan and a few holy cities in Madhya Pradesh. Our trip started in Mumbai with a flight to Jodhpur, Rajasthan. From there we traveled by bus to Pushkar, Ajmer in its actual name. We visited Udaipur and stayed by Pichola lake, then left for Jaipur the capital city of Rajhastan. I couldn’t retrace my steps. The city has changed and degraded dramatically since my last visit. Probably due to a lack of budget for site preservation. We moved towards the Taj Mahal in Agra. A beauty worth visiting, but very crowded, unfortunately. Your best bet is to go early at 6 AM.  Gates close at 7 pm. You won’t be able to catch those sunset shots. We went to Fathepur Sikri before Agra then hit South to Orchha, Khajuraho, and  Varanasi finally, before closing the buckle with the last night in Mumbai, where the first monsoon storm of the year was awaiting us. I encourage you to visit India once in your life, with modesty. You’ll learn a lot about yourself.

pierre zabbal


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