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For the last 35 years, I provided professional photographic and video services to advertising agencies, publishing industries, government institutions, private companies, as well as Architects CGI and Design professionals. I practiced in Beirut, Montreal and Riyadh mainly.

My long career has permit him to tackled all type of photographic works
He specializes in architecture photography, stylish and sophisticated Interiors, as well as captivating and inspiring advertising and editorial photography.

wherever he worked, he's been recognized as a leader in

Since he established in Riyadh in 2006, he’s been focusing on creating Corporate image identity visuals for leading corporations in Saudi Arabia. His clients include International advertising agencies, manufacturers, architects, interior designers, builders, developers, planners and property managers. He's also a favorite of the hospitality, healthcare and resort industries.

pierre zabbal


Advertising , Interiors, Architecture and food photography. GCC Region
Mobile +966540435963

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